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If there is a 15-year gap between the first gig as a duo and the debut album, a lot must have
happened in the life of a DJ team. And this is exactly what happened: In their 15-year career the
TUNE BROTHERS — founded in 1996 in Stuttgart — not only seized global success but also
founded Housesession — an international network of labels, artists and radio shows. Furthermore
they managed for their platform to climb up to the top of the german instance of the
international House Scene.
While in 1996 the world just demanded plain House music, House music is now known for being much
more sophisticated, more complex and more specialized than ever. At the same time the
audience’s artistic demand became more diverse. The TUNE BROTHERS — throughout their career –
have met the growing challenges, dealt with the changes and influenced as DJs, producers, remixers
and label-owners.

This is why weekend after weekend they reel off the usual disc-jockey-frequent-flyer schedule:
New York, Moscow, Amsterdam, Seoul, Miami, Zurich, Vienna, Jakarta. No matter if on the american or
asian continent, the TUNE BROTHERS demonstrate their sound which has grown for one and a half
decade. Where are you a stranger if House music is like Esperanto?
Occasionally the TUNE BROTHERS stop by their home port Stuttgart to entertain with their party
series “Housesession”. In Munich’s club Pacha guests are equally pleased by the duo’s regular visits.
The constant development up to the top is of course not only due to their status as experienced DJs
but rather TUNE BROTHERS hit productions like “The Drones”, “Groovy Baby”, “I like it 2010″ or
“High Energy” which are strong arguments for the world market. The world market in turn closely
notices their versatile Housesession-Cosmos. The global DJ front loads their CD cases and laptops
with currently much more than 100 releases by Housesession Records, Sume Music, Bang It and Red
Eleven Recordings. Releases by well-known names like Swanky Tunes, Jason Chance, The Good Guys,
Boogie Pimps, DJ Fist, Disfunktion, Niels van Gogh, Belocca as well as selectively boosted talents
often rank high on beatport and global charts.
“After continuous successes on dance charts and beatport an album was the reasonable consequence”,
the TUNE BROTHERS explain the development of their debut album. For it to be released not until 15
years after their formation — after what felt to be 15×15 gigs a year and an estimated 2×15 singles
– makes only sense when reading their biography. Fatefully it becomes clear what the album
title “15″ tries to suggest. One has arrived. One has achieved one’s aim. Things work out, one would
say. Now the great art can begin. “For our album, we have taken a complete rest and locked ourselves
in the studio with Peter Hoff.” Full concentration. No remixes for other acts, no cooperations, no
singles. Just 15 songs for the album.
That’s the concept: “15″ is a consistent dance album. “All tracks can be part of a TUNE BROTHERS
set”. One does not get lost in ambiance lounge fields, but goes through with the album as an honest
club set — just like the TUNE BROTHERS have learned it from scratch. “It was important for us to
not drift off into other genre.” “15″ climbs up steep, saw-toothed dutch electro-hills, focuses on
numerous histrionic Big-Room-Heights and wanders through dark Tech-Progressive-Valleys until one
reaches the next clearing which is filled with stunning vocals of guests like Corey Andrew, Lety,
Polina Griffith or Alec Sun Drae. At many skillful changes in style the TUNE BROTHERS follow all
the rules of contemporary House music, some of which they have established over the past 15 years.
This is a sound-wall at the highest international production level.
But this not only applies to pure club tracks like “Don’t go”, “The Alert” or “Disco” but also to
vocal tunes like “Big Surprise”, “Good Feeling” or “Play A Little” which possess a huge crossover
potential. Especially the last-mentioned tracks were developed and carefully adjusted for weeks.
“We made layouts and supplied our existing network of singers with layouts to produce the vocal
themes. During the production process we have tested the tracks over the weekends and changed them
on mondays. Full vocal versions evolved from instrumental mixes.”
As the first single the vocal track “Into The Fire” was finally selected, which makes an appearance
as an extensive remix package of versions by Disfunktion, Niels van Gogh, Tujamo, Bartosz Brenes
and Nick Mentes. It was recorded with the New York singer Corey Andrew. But it will not be left at
that. Each of the 15 tracks is worth a single. Preferably one per DJ-duo year. This is what was
worked for, for a long time. The first path of the TUNE BROTHERS ends with “15″ — and with this
debut album their career takes the next step.